This August, over 1,000 people are converging at the Montana state capitol to stop coal export mining. Coal industry giants are pushing the Montana State Land Board to let them dig mines that will have a catastrophic effect on the global environment and economy. The King Coal juggernaut has used money to push around government for decades, squashing labor unions, rural communities, and environmental health. Now, coalitions of environmentalists, ranchers, frontline communities, and students are standing up to fight back. No Coal Northwest is calling on you to join us for a week of non-violent direct action to STOP KING COAL.

Big coal hurts everyone. New mines will have a bigger carbon footprint than the Keystone XL pipeline. And real Americans are already feeling the heat. These new mines will make King Coal rich while encroaching on ranch land, poisoning Montana’s working class communities, and destroying the environment that makes the big sky state so beautiful. The Northwest will become a coal extraction colony, losing skilled labor jobs and a stable economy. Even more outrageous, this coal is being dug for export– working Americans will pay the cost of environmental destruction, and never see the profits.

State and local authorities across the Northwest can dampen the fuse on this bomb, but it’s going to take a lot of people power to beat King Coal’s dirty money. The Montana State Land Board will be handing out permits for new mines, unless we stop them. Lives are at stake, so we can’t afford to leave this decision in their hands.

That’s why we’re calling on all communities affected by coal exports to join us and break King Coal’s grip on our region. We’ll risk arrest by sitting in at the Montana State Capitol, where we can look these state officials in the eye and demand them to choose people over profit.

We don’t make the decision lightly.  The fact is, other tactics – like lobbying, petitioning, and packing public hearings – have unfortunately not halted coal exports.  The Land Board has continued handing out leases to coal companies, and will undoubtedly grant more if nothing changes.

The Tar Sands Action showed us what can happen when people come together. King Coal might have the money to bully our government, but we know that real power is collective and comes from the people. Please join us this summer, as we re-claim our future from the coal industry.  You can sign up to make history here.

See you in Helena,

No Coal Northwest

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