Day One

This is the week we start something important in Helena.

Yesterday, one hundred of our friends and neighbors rallied peacefully on the steps of the Capitol in Helena, MT. We shared stories, we talked about the future we want to create for our future generations, we chanted, we sang, and then we took matters into our own hands. One hundred strong, we walked into the Statehouse and reclaimed the rotunda for seven hours, transforming the space into an opportunity for direct democracy. In the end, seven bold activists staged a sit-in, refusing to leave the building.

The folks sitting in did so to send a message — not just that coal is a deadly threat to our rivers, streams, land and climate, but that both Gov. Schweitzer and the coal industry should expect unwavering, nonviolent resistance to their plans to strip mine the Powder River basin.

Over the next week, we’re going to show them just how serious we are about that promise of resistance. Dozens of people will follow behind them over the coming days, risking our freedom to protect the communities and unmatched beauty of Montana.

If you’ve never been to an action like this, there’s nothing quite like it. People can do amazing things by locking arms with their neighbors and simply saying: “No.” Everyone who participated also joined a training last night that made sure the action was as peaceful and well coordinated as possible.

For those of us who have been do something like this before – well, you should already know the power of collective action.

Last, to everyone who is planning to join us (and folks who might be on the fence): we can’t wait to see you. We’re in a beautiful fight to save a beautiful place.

The Coal Export Action Team

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