Phase Two: Forrest Mars, Jr. and the Tongue River Railroad

Last August saw hundreds of people rallying, with two dozen getting arrested for peacefully sitting in, at the State Capitol Building in Helena, Montana to pressure the Lands Board to reject coal exports and the Otter Creek Mine proposal. While the week-long action galvanized and unified communities from the plains to the ports, Gov. Brian Schweitzer and the Board held firm on supporting Big Coal.

But this next phase of Coal Export Action will target a new decisionmaker, one who can single-handedly shape the future of coal exports in Montana: Forrest Mars, Jr. of Mars, Inc.

Take action to pressure Forrest Mars, Jr. to pull his investments from the Tongue River Railroad project.

The proposed Tongue River Railroad has one purpose: to export coal from Montana to markets in Asia, transforming the fertile Tongue River Valley into a mining industrial zone. Coal exports hurt farmers and ranchers near mining sites, and every community affected by the transportation, export, and burning of Powder River Basin coal.

Forrest Mars, Jr. purchased a one-third share in the destructive Tongue River Railroad to divert the project from crossing his ranchland – but this won’t help hundreds of other communities in the West still affected by dirty coal transportation. It also won’t prevent the Tongue River Valley being transformed into an industrial corridor for the coal industry.

Here’s our game plan: if we tie coal exports to Mars, Inc., then Mars, Jr. will divest from the Tongue River Railroad because he will want to avoid public scrutiny on himself and his family’s company. Instead of helping fund Big Coal, we’ll ask Mars, Jr. to support Montana agriculture, which would be devastated by the impacts of coal exports.

The Mars legacy is being tarnished by dirty energy, and Forrest Mars, Jr. has a chance to change this. WE have a chance to change this.

Join Coal Export Action in asking Forrest Mars, Jr. to do the right thing for communities from Montana to Asia: pull his investment in the Tongue River Railroad and stop the industrialization of the Powder River Basin!

Sign up here to take action and we’ll send you some goodies; you can also sign and share this petition that’ll go directly to Mars, Inc.

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