Help Us Put Big Coal on Trial

The Coal Export Action sit-in was the largest act of climate-related civil disobedience Montana has ever seen.  Over the course of a week, 23 people were arrested for trespass at the Montana Capitol, in an act of civil disobedience designed to raise the stakes in the fight against coal exports.

Now the “Coal Export Action 23” begin a long legal battle.  At a recent court hearing, several announced their intent to ask for a jury trial, arguing a Necessity Defense.  This means our legal team will argue that civil disobedience is legally justified when done with the intention of righting a much greater wrong.

If we’re successful with this case, it will set a great precedent for civil disobedience.  But to move forward, we need to know we’ve got funds to push ahead with a jury trial.  Please consider donating to our Coal Export Action Legal Defense Fund, to help cover the costs of a trial.

Though our legal team is defending activists for minimal pay, our lawyers do need some compensation.  There are also other expenses associated with a jury trial.  So we’ve set a goal of raising $10,000 as quickly as possible, to cover legal costs and trial expenses.

We don’t like asking for money, but we’ve got to raise these funds to in order to put coal exports on trial.  If you donate, your support will go a long way.  The donation will be processed by Montana Women For, a registered nonprofit, which means it is tax deductible.

This handy online tool makes it easy to donate to the Legal Defense Fund.  If you’re able, please consider giving whatever you can:

Donate to our Legal Defense Fund

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