Dad’s role in children parenting

In the past few decades, most people would directly think that mother had the important role in children parenting. Mother was the one who has responsibility and the important figure in parenting. Today, it is not the same anymore. Both mother and father are the figures who are responsible to the children parenting and education. Today’s fathers are expected to have wider role and deeper responsibility towards children parenting. However, there are still some fathers who do not understand and take a deeper role because they still believe what they had experienced in the past. The way they raised influence the way they raise their children.

Today’s fathers are supposed to be active in raising the children. In the home rules, you are supposed to be active in handling the household tasks. For example, if mother has responsibility to prepare the meals, you are as a father should lend your hand to wash the dishes. This is not complicated task. Or, if you like to do the laundry, your wife may be responsible in ironing the clothes. In raising your children, you should be more involved. For example, you can spend the time for reading story books, teaching how to write, helping to do the homework, and many other. If you have toddler, you may get involved in training your toddler to walk, to handle the spoon, to speak, to draw and many more. You will be a father who has closer relationship with your children. Isn’t it nice?

In many families, fathers are the ones who are responsible to earn money. But, today the responsibility related to the family financial belongs to father and mother. It happens in a lot of families. Although you are tired, you have no reason for not getting involved in handling your children. They need you as the figure that is warm, lovely, caring, helping, and funny. Yes, spend some times to have fun and increase your sense of humor. Your day will be complete if you spend the time for laughing and having fun with the children. What you are doing is the way you balance your career and family life. Increasing your role in your family will be able to create happy family. Your children will remember their beautiful childhood ever after.