Promoting Non-Violent Direct Action

In August, 2012, a coalition of environmental, social justice, and climate activism groups organized a peaceful protest that became the largest act of climate-related civil disobedience that Montana has ever seen.  Over the course of a week, 23 people were arrested for trespass at the Montana Capitol, while hundreds more rallied to support them.

Our aim in taking this step (and yes, it’s just the first step toward stopping coal extraction in Montana) was to show that when it comes right down to it, we the people are willing to go to jail if that’s what it takes to stop coal exports.

But our work is far from over, and we’ll almost certainly have to turn to non-violent direct action again.  Knowing this, we’re working to use the story of the Coal Export Action to inspire others across the region to do whatever it takes to stop Big Coal and put our communities on the path to sustainable energy.

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Looking for inspiration?  Watch the video below, and hear why people involved in last summer’s action at the Capitol chose to risk arrest (video credit: Char Jones).