Take Action

Tell Forrest Mars Jr to stick to exporting candy, not coal: Billionaire investor Forrest Mars Jr, heir to the Mars candy fortune, owns a one-third stake in the Tongue River Railroad.  This proposed railroad spur that would connect coal tracts in Southeast Montana to existing rail lines which extend to the West Coast.  Tell Mars it’s time to invest in a sustainable future, not coal exports!

Attend a Land Board meeting: Members of Montana’s State Land Board, who ultimately will decide whether the Otter Creek Mine project moves forward, hold one public meeting per month.  At the end of every meeting is a public comment period, where members of the audience can raise concerns about any issue important to them, including concerns about coal exports.  View the Land Board’s fall 2012 meeting schedule.

Write to the Land Board: You can contact the Land Board any time by email, at [email protected], and let them know you want state lands to be used for sustainable development, not coal mining.  For tips on what to say about coal exports, see here.