Your parenting style affects your child’s weight

You must be very familiar with the words “child obesity”. It is the term used to express overweight children. Look at your neighborhood and see how easy you are to find them. Some of them gain their weight genetically and the rest get it through improper parenting style. Now, look at your child and see whether she has proportional weight or not compared to her height. Mostly, overweight is caused by imbalance diet. Consuming too much carbohydrate and less fruit and vegetables are the main source of your child’s overweight. The way you eat and the variety of foods you serve are considered as the parenting style you apply. If you serve balance diet, your child will eat the same food as you. So, she will be accustomed to consume healthy food.

Another parenting style that affects your child weight is the sport habit. For example, if you put jogging as your lifestyle, your child will notice it and want to go jogging with you. Cycling, jogging, and swimming are considered as cheap sport that everyone can afford. Bicycle, swimming suit, and jogging shoes are available widely in various prices. So, they must be affordable. Explain to your child why she needs to have regular sport. Also, tell her the schedule you have and ask her to join you for exercises. Certainly, this parenting style will teach your child to know the importance of starting healthy living as early as possible. in the following years, she will have sport as her lifestyle.

Watching TV is one of the favorite activities in your family. However, you need to set the rule about the maximum time to watch TV. Two hours a day will be enough. The reason is your child will watch TV without doing physical activities. She will sit in a couch comfortably and eat some snacks. If your child does it more than two hours every day, there is a chance that she will gain more weight. Playing video games will be so much fun and educative. Your task is making sure that she is not addicted to video game. The reason is she will spend the time for doing no physical activities. Indeed, nowadays, there are video games which are designed to involve the children to be active physically, but still playing too much is not good for your child. No physical activity plus poor diet are the parenting style that gain your child’s weight significantly.